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If you plan ends, please don't place extension order. The plan has to be extended 48 hours before plan ends.

( How to check my plan? Check the activation date you request at your email from Aerobile , then add the plan days you purchased. For example: I activate my 9 days T-mobile plan on May 1 2023, then the service will end on May 9 2023. If you request extending on May 7, it's ok. If you request extending on May 8 or after, sorry that we couldn't process it and we won't refund.)

【Terms And Conditions】

  1. This product is only for Amazon T-mobile Daily plan(6-15days) and Aero-E T-mobile esim Daily plan(6-15days). Monthly plan or 21-28 Days plan is not compatible.
  2.  SIM extension request during weekends and holidays may be delayed. Please submit your request at least 48 hours before your plan expired. 
  3.  The extension might not working due to some technical issues, if so, we will notify the user and process full refund.
  4. If you purchase the wrong plan, we'll refund to you, however, paypal will charge the handling fee.