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  • Product Code: USA DATA SIM 9D

Prepaid Plans

  • 5GB of 4G LTE High-Speed Data on USA local networks
  • High-speed network within the USA, including Hawaii
  • Good for 9 days (Start from your first insert date)
  • No Phone calls, No SMS
  • Hotspot tethering is only for Mobile phones
  • The sim card is NOT available for Tablet, iPad, and Wi-Fi routers
  • No refill available

  • SIM Activation
  • When you arrive at the destination, insert the SIM into your device and start roaming (please make sure the device supports the local frequency band)
  • Your phone should receive the signal within 3 minutes and in the meantime it's been activated automatically
  • Most of phones can automatically configure the internet settings. If your phone does not work automatically, please follow the user instruction

    Terms and Conditions (Please read before purchase)
  • Please prepare an unlocked device. Do Not support CDMA, locked, Blackberry, or Windows devices
  • Roaming Saver always does our best to keep the information up to date
  • Roaming Saver can only offer you the setting information. We will try our best but do not guarantee that every phone can connect to the service
  • Any connection failure due to bad weather or rural area is the responsibility of the local service provider. Roaming Saver will try our best to reflect your issue to the supplier but cannot compensate the possible damage or loss
  • Please inform us if any loss, error, or failure happened on your device within 24 hours. We will try our best to fix the problem and give you a pleasant mobile communication experience.